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Post » Sun Apr 20, 2014 6:54 am

Each software is different.
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Post » Sun Apr 05, 2015 5:34 am

As a beginner and deciding which software to use. I find this thread useful.
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Post » Mon Apr 06, 2015 6:33 am

Why use Game Maker when you can use Unity? Unity 5 is now free and complete. The Game Maker business model is a joke and Construct 2 is able to create games 2d. Bad practices can impact performance but do not be obsessed with performance, it reminds me of the subjects' python vs ruby "or" java / c ". Start by mastering your tools and use those that suit your projects.

And keep in mind that the players targeted by your games are often equipped with PC ready to receive much larger production. For example minecraft has been developed in Java, I doubt that it was a choice regarding performance. The developer used the language with which he was most comfortable.
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Post » Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:08 am

For pure 2D game on PC target, Construct2 is a very very nice product with good capability.
For mobile game for me construct2 isn't a good choice, too much dependency of crosswalk and other tiers products to make a viable export
lot of limitation and no good perfs at all (viable for low game with limited number of game object and effects).

Unity3D v5 is now free and really awesome very fast game prototype to and the 2D engine is really awesome. (and yes you can do 2.5D en 3D game but this is not the comparaison point).
For me the advantage of unity is the true performance, low size runtime.

Construct2 isn't bad but isn't good too :P
The only things that will make you win time is that construct2 is delivred with build-in behavior/add-on speficique for 2D game.
You need to buy/code or use free code source ressource for your 2D game on unity (very easy to find and setup for 2D game (try prime32 character controler2D for example)).

They is no perfect choice at all if you don't know to code and depending you game or platform target.
I personnatly switch to unity for the dev product and keep my construct2 license only to test some idea (game prototype)

PS: with limited knowless in code unity C# is easy as construct2 code logic ;) (and you have great visual code pluging on unity3D (no code juste drag and drop))
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Post » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:52 am

@Megatronx and at @thetrue
I get the reset factor sucks-- it just sucks-- it's like learning to drive a four wheel car in a world that has converted to self driving cars. I've studied art to make webcomics and focusing on making games was a hard decision as it was a complete refocus for my life. Luckily those art skills help in making game art or I would feel the last 20 years weren't worth it :P

I tried hard coding games in 2003 but debugging lines of code in C++ and Visual Basic for hours just ate me alive inside. Gamemaker for me was too complicated. I tried it in 2010 and flat gave up on game design again because of it. Unity also seemed pretty code reliant and not code light as C2 is.

What I like about C2 is it helps me find my errors faster, and god willing, most times I get help from the community here or on Google Plus when I'm stuck, but yes I want to be better and faster at prototype to final product for things like Ludam Dare. This may take another year at the rate I'm going.

I had to take a break from C2 for a year and am trying to catch up as people I know have been making both games and are close if not over the $5,000 dollar mark of money made from their games.

I'm investing time with C2 and am looking forward to C3. However, at times, I wish this was like a Blender project, because I fear a Adobe scenario again with what happened with Macromedia where the software becomes so big and popular, a competitor buys it, raises it's price and basically changes not only the price but a bunch of other stuff. I really miss "Free-hand" :/.

In any case, there are tones of game engines to make games for free like the unreal engine, it just seems easier with C2.
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Post » Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:37 am

I have most of the game makers like Clickteam Fusion, Game Maker, RPG Maker, Blitzmax, Monkey, etc. and I still think Construct 2 wins in productivity. Of course, every engine is different and some of them may be better in some aspects than C2, but not one of them gives me the ability to create a demo game in a matter of minutes and with a few events as C2. Game Maker is great but the editor is a major turn off for me and the need to use GML for every simple thing is another disadvantage. But to each their own. For me, it's a matter of having fun while making the game.

I'm a a software developer, a database analyst, a musician, husband that has no patience in spending the rest of my time having to code every single breakout clone from the beginning. :-D
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Post » Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:38 am

C2 has been my choice since its release. I use Unity too, but that is only because of Playmaker, and Shader forge. For 2D games there is no better faster way to learn. Ashley's tutorials are really great to get you started.

Game maker has its neat points too, but it is a bit more complicated to make anything useful with it.

UNity has the ability to make 2D HTML 5 games too, but the import and 2D tools really feel like they where an afterthought. Please excuse my terminology, but the way Unity handles textures is a real "Pain in the ass" compared to C2's drag and drop.

The way C2 will not allow you to make mistakes on syntax is my favorite part. With Unity I have to use C# for the core elements, or buy pre-rolled middle-ware. C2 has the sprites as Icons on the events sheet. This makes Debugging a breeze for me. I can quickly scroll through the entire game, and find exactly what I am looking for without reading a single word. Unity, I am stuck in Mono's C# development hell thanks to my Dyslexia, and poor typing skills..

I think the best part about C2 is the way we can make all of the assets right inside the game engine editor. I love having an idea, and being able to scribble out some quick proxy graphics.The only other game engine I know of that does this is the Blender Game engine.

With Unity i am waiting till i make the $50,000 to buy the commercial license. C2 I am buying one as soon as possible. I will also be one of the first C3 customers too.
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Post » Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:59 am

When I decided to attempt creating game builds, I downloaded both Game Maker Studio and Construct 2. I used GMS first and followed a few tutorials to make some semblance of working games.

Then I decided to try Construct 2. And now I have no idea how anyone who doesn't know code and cares to learn it would ever stick with GMS. It's just too code heavy. Construct 2 seems to run on logic that is/isn't its own. And code is hardly needed (if you can call it code).

GMS and C2 are practically 2 completely different engines that you can't compare, even if you can make the exact same game builds. For me, personally, I will never ever go back to GMS. I immediately deleted it from my PC after following just 1 tutorial in C2. GMS is very impressive but it's really for those who can code.
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Post » Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:10 pm

thetrue wrote:First off, I hope this thread is allowed. I will not be asking people to fund a Game Maker made game this time, which got my last thread deleted, which I am okay with.

Second, this is not a blank, inflammatory comparison of Game Maker to Construct 2. I started making a Game Maker game and am converting it to Construct 2, because I can't afford the $200 Android exporter for Game Maker. So, to save $200, I am once again using Construct 2, and I will tell you my experiences.

First off, I have personally benchmarked Game Maker and Construct 2, in a many-objects test of my own. Game Maker handles loads of objects 33% faster according to my own benchmark. However, what matters more when making a game is your methods. If you can't optimize, no engine is going to save you.

Okay so Game Maker makes it easy to draw duplicates of an image to create reflections, using Image Alpha and overlaying it. I could not find how to do this easily and automatically in Construct 2, so to create the same effect, I am using Glow Shaders. So because of my methods and lazyness, not the engine itself, my game runs faster in Game Maker, because it's not using so many shaders.

Game Maker files end up being half the filesize of Construct 2 files, due to the way Construct 2 needs 3 formats of a sound including WAV while Game Maker doesn't.

Whether you want to use Game Maker is also a question of whether you want to write 5 lines of code (Game Maker), or create a detailed event (Construct 2) to perform an action.

I'm not going to even say what my preference is. I'm just stating the facts as I see them.

Each software has it's own purpose and style.

Unity 3D is strong, Game Maker Studio is Cool and Construct 2 is Fun and Easy.
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Post » Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:56 pm

Thanks for sharing :)
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