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Post » Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:16 pm

[QUOTE=onion] Thanks very much @C-7, it's great that you've shared your code! Your solution is sound, but have a niggling worry about the amount of duplication you've got if you have similar code for each NPC. Although it's not much of a problem as long as you don't need to change it.

@theubie I'm glad you've told me about this solution, it's what I've had in my head actually. I'm very familiar with mySQL, so this wouldn't be a problem. It essentially makes C2 the frontend and store the logic elsewhere. A bit like a webpage actually.

As a webdeveloper, this makes sense to me! [/QUOTE]

It's a trade-off. I could do it as a function and save on the duplication, but it would make special circumstances more difficult. I like being able to list the conditions right there because there are plenty of instances where you would want things different. As far as where you store the actual text, it makes no real difference whether it's in a database on your server or in your C2 code. I would just as soon make it easier on yourself and include it in your C2 code--I would hate to have to adjust the message length to make it fit correctly each time in your database. I would definitely not worry about file-size if you are. Minified, my game is just over 2MB plus graphics (which brings it to around 30MB). If you're worried about speed, I would spend your time being efficient with your graphics.
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Post » Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:17 pm

@c-7 it will depend on two factors: Scale and Scaling of the game. If his overall scale is relatively small, say a couple dozen npcs with a couple dozen quests then the effect of keeping the code server side would be minimal. If that game never expanded beyond that point then there's a very good case for putting all the code and data for the quests client side.

However, if he has several hundred npcs and several hundred quests then it's probably better to put that info server side which is way more efficient at doing this job plus the lack of a need to send every thing to the client.

And, if he plans on constantly adding new content, then server side is a better simply add new entries to the database rather than compiling and pushing a new client every time you add a new dialog tree/quest.

@onion That's exactly what I'm using C2 for with our MMO UWE. Our past two versions have used plain HTML and XHTML/AJAX as a frontend to our user while the php code handles all the match and training data for the wrestlers. C2 is just a massive leap forward as it allows us to make the user experience up to the level of a download game rather than limited to a browser experience while all the grunt work of the game is done server side.

We do unattended training, so it's only logical for us to keep processes server side. I can see a MMO where most of the logic can be in the client, but again the problem you run into there is security. It's a lot easier to hack the game (which is a major issue for multiplayer games) if the game logic is on the client side.
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