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Show us your completed creations made in Construct 2

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Hi there! My name is Francesco and I'm new to the forum. I usually work with 2d graphic but since I wanted to build a proper game for my uni project I choose to work with construct and so far all has worked fine for me! I'm posting the game here, any feedback is appreciated!
Consider that are my first experiments in building game at all, and because of that I got troubles with compression and failed to publish the game on scirra arcade...

My First completed game is called The Night Savior! as a teddy bear, choose a costume and fight the monsters of the night to protect your child!
Download it here, and open Thenightsavior.exe to launch:

Second Project is and Isometric tech demo. Hang around the music square as the director's baton and find the other instruments.
Download it here, and open Themusicsquare.exe to launch:
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