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Post » Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:24 am

Sorry to bother you with the same topic I wrote in the past.
Finally I understood how appcache update system works and now everything changes :D

1) If I full understood the releases notes the two triggers "Is downloading update" and "On update ready" were removed int r235. An if I'm right, this means I cannot force a message to make the user reload the game to use the latest version.

2) in r240 three new triggers are introduced: "On offline ready", "On update found", "On update ready". But I cannot found those anywhere. (Yes, I'm using r240 :D )

3) Service workers are seems to work only in Chrome and Firefox; so how can I force a message to make the user reload the game to use the latest version (see point 1)?

The reason I need to have the player always use the last game version is because it is an online multiplayer game. If I add features to the server those will be available only tho players using the latest version. And if an user is not using the latest version he's disadvantage.

One workaround I'm thinking about is to send the used client version number from the client to the server, and if the version is not the latest the server can send an update message (and the client will not allow the user to play until the client is reloaded).

But this also has to problems:
a) how can I show the update progress in every browser?
b) I'm required to update the server software each time the client is updated (also if the server is not involved in those changes).
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