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Post » Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:00 pm

Ok, thank you for the input. I'm really stumped then. All my drivers are up to date and I've done a clean reinstall of construct 2 with no effect. I did more testing in debug mode with events that for example when you press A on the controller a global variable changes. It's just not accepting any input at all in node-webkit preview or export but it's working in chrome when I do the exact same thing. It's also concerning that I replicated the results on 2 different computers. Maybe I'll go pick up another controller and see if it will make any difference.
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Post » Fri May 09, 2014 11:08 pm

i have the same issue too win 7 C2 32x

but i'm using a xingling ps3/pc gamepad; it works with the chrome preview but not with the node-webkit :/
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Post » Tue May 26, 2015 2:04 am

There is definitely an issue with node-webkit / nw.js with gamepads and Windows 8.1 specifically. The gamepad API will work fine in Windows 7 and OSX with nw.js. It will also work fine in the Google Chrome browser in Windows 8.1. There's just a problem specifically with nw.js and Windows 8.1 where the Gamepad API will not show any connected gamepads.

I finally figured out the fix! I wanted to post it here because I found this thread while looking for a solution to this problem. You just need to install the Windows 7 driver for the xbox 360 controller.

Unfortunately, since this is my first post here (I'm doing it as a public service) the forum is not letting me give you direct links to the Microsoft drivers.

But you can find them at:

microsoft dot com slash hardware slash en-au slash downloads#gaming

Good luck!

Burvey wrote:I'm using an XBox360 controller along with the gamepad object. When I preview my game using Chrome it works perfectly but when I try to preview in NodeWebkit (which is what I'm developing for) it doesn't work. It's like the gamepad isn't detected or something. Any ideas?

EDIT: I've added a simple capx file. If anyone is using windows 8.1 could you please test this and let us know if you get the same result. Thank you. 18:15:06
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Post » Tue May 26, 2015 2:47 am

Haven't had to do this with mine... W8.1 and all NW versions from 10.5 to 12.1 have worked fine.... Genuine Xbox controller for me, in case that might be the problem?
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Post » Sat Apr 02, 2016 8:18 pm

Same issue here with Windows 10 and NW.js 0.13.

Gamepad worked perfectly in a computer which was running W7 before and then upgraded to W10. Maybe the X360 drivers are not updated when you upgrade from W7 to W10.
On a laptop with a "fresh" W10 install, I had to install W7 drivers (thanks for the tip, zachstronaut !) to get the gamepads to run.

This is really annoying as you can't ask a user to install W7 drivers if they're running W10. I hope this problem will be solved soon. I can't release my game with such a bug.
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Post » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:10 am

I'm not occurring issues with the gamepad controls in NW.js 0.13, C2 r226 beta and Windows 10.

I don't have an Xbox 360 controller, but I emulate it using x360ce, with a Chinese-made PlayStation controller. ;)
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Post » Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:43 am

I experienced the following problem running Windows 8.1 and Construct 2 Release 269 64Bit and nwjs-for-c2-v0-18-1:
My XBox 360 USB controller was only being recognized when I ran the game in "Debug Mode."

I didn't have this problem prior to upgrading to nwjs-for-c2-v0-18-1.

FIX: I upgraded to nwjs-for-c2-v0-18-7 and it seems to be resolved.
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