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Get Your Qix on Route 66 — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Note: "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" is targeted at intermediate to advanced level C2 users. Computer Science background is recommended for a good understanding of the flood fill algorithm.

Qix is a well-loved game from Taito America that was released back in the 80's. If you are looking to write a Qix (or maybe even a Fortix) clone, then you may have realized that implementing such a game with Construct 2 is very challenging.

But not if you have read the code found within this template. The "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" game template comes with the following features:

  • A Qix-inspired clone and Route 66 mash-up in 133 lines of code
  • Configurable grid sizes; you only need change one variable; game demo shows two grid sizes changed on the fly (20 pixels and 10 pixels square)
  • The main "Qix" enemy is implemented via a sprite
  • Draw polylines to claim the play area
  • Smaller enemies roam the maze of lines you draw
  • A non-recursive flood fill algorithm implemented
  • A recursive flood fill algorithm for educational purposes
  • If the player draws himself into a spiral trap, he can give up by releasing the keyboard... self-destruct occurs automatically thereafter
  • Route 66 themed music (composed by Mike-Citizen on Soundcloud) and artwork (obtained from Wikimedia Commons)

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