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Post » Thu May 11, 2017 7:04 am

I have a computer running Xubuntu 16.04 and I'm trying to run my game. However, it gives me an error message. Here's my full Terminal output showing the files and what commands I've tried.

[email protected]:~/Documents/linux$ ls
icon-96.ico locales natives_blob.bin nw_200_percent.pak
icudtl.dat nacl_helper nw package.nw
lib nacl_helper_bootstrap nw_100_percent.pak resources.pak
[email protected]:~/Documents/linux$ ./nw
[28947:28947:0511/] Request for unknown Channel-associated interface: ui::mojom::GpuMain
[5]+ Stopped ./nw
[email protected]:~/Documents/linux$ chmod a+x nw
[email protected]:~/Documents/linux$ ./nw
[29155:29155:0511/] Request for unknown Channel-associated interface: ui::mojom::GpuMain
^Z[1] Killed ./nw

[6]+ Stopped ./nw
[email protected]:~/Documents/linux$ ./nw --disable-gpu
^Z[7] Killed ./nw

[8]+ Stopped ./nw --disable-gpu
[email protected]:~/Documents/linux$

The ^Z just means I pressed Ctrl+Z to kill the process.

I was able to find a StackOverflow page about this problem (which I can't link to) so clearly I'm not the only one having this problem. The post said to set the
Code: Select all
switch. Adding this flag to the end of the launch command hides the error but the game takes a long time to start and there is no loading screen. So long, in fact, that I assumed that it had simply frozen. Any help is appreciated.
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