Getting error in IE9 DOM EXCEPTION:Security_Err(18)

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Post » Mon May 30, 2016 9:21 am


After hosting my game on my server,I am getting the above error in "DOM EXCEPTION:Security_Err(18) ".The line in the code where it highlights is ,"this.snapshotData = this.canvas.toDataURL(this.snapshotCanvas[0], this.snapshotCanvas[1]);" in IE9 only
In the game,this is where I am taking a snapshot of the canvas.It works perfectly in other browsers and my old game which was hosted in a different server,too worked in IE9 before,but not now.
I figured out it was because of some CORS thing,but not sure.Can someone throw some light on this or help me figure this out?I feel i should be tweaking some server settings or something since before I had hosted the same game in an older server(CLIENT's) and didn't have this issue,but in mine I have this issue now only in IE9.
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