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Post » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:30 am

So, I've taken a page from some indie game devs, and seems to me the best idea to get your game out there is not the gaming press but the individuals who do lets plays.

I had an idea to send a press kit that includes art and a free game to youtubers, to see if they could give it a lets play or review. Does anyone think this might be a bad approach? My plan was to do a non pressure gift of a free game to play on their channel in hopes that they would return the favor by pointing viewers to Greenlight.

My experience with the gaming press is that unless your game creates enough buzz they'll consider running an article, even if you send them a press kit with promo art and a finished game chances are nil to get anyone to run an article. For games like FlappyBird, Five Nights, Revolution 60, or even notorious greenlight games and Meme Run had people criticizing and playing their games on their channel and pointing their viewers to the devs websites and steam pages.

I'm honestly considering this approach this week unless I get talked out of it. The worse they could do is not play it, or somehow distribute the game as their own... which would really blow.

Your thoughts?
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Post » Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:11 am

Sounds like a well thought out plan. I think it would be extremely unlikely they distribute the game as their own... Just export it in a production format and then have your branding on it, Then even if they distribute it without your permission, it'll still point back at you
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