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Get ready for the Global Football Challenge.

Two footballs. Two sides. An age old debate. Which football is the better game? The American version or the European?

Here's your chance to promote your type of Football. Stand up for your way of the game.

Select your football and play to keep it in the air as long as you can. +1 for every touch that prevents the ball from falling to the ground.

Use not words in your fight, let your high scores do the talking. Post a screen shot of your high scores on and let your European/American friends know what you stand for. You stand for your style of the game. You stand for your right! Do they?

Free version of the app serves un-intrusive full-page ads, shown only when you decide to quit your current session. No interfering banner ads.

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Known issue with Android 2.2 (Froyo) devices - The game doesn't run. Opens with a blank screen and exits. We're working on fixing that.

If you face any other issues, before publishing a review, please contact us at enquire[at]pardypanda[dot]comtanayshah2013-01-18 22:57:15
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