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Post » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:33 am

Hello everyone!

Long story short: I developing a platformer game, with human-like main character. Gameplay inspired by classic side-scrollers, like "Contra", with a couple of modern features.

As one of this features, I want to make rocket jumping...but I really close to drop my hands down on this...

The goal is to create rocketjump effect, like in "Quake" games: for example, if I shoot at wall, an explosion must push me away in opposite direction; If I shoot at floor, it should push me sky high upwards, etc.

already tried:

1) Making hero a physic object, with "Impulse towards angle" action on contact with explosion. Works well, but hero can't be "physic" and "platform" at the same time (at least, not in my case) - looks very buggy.

2)set Vector Y on main character on contact with explosion. Weeellll, it is work in some way, but that's definitely not what I want.


Many many thanks in advance for any tips!! ^_^
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