google play games save userid instead of score !!!

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Post » Tue May 31, 2016 9:37 pm

i have a sever for my game i have userid in my server (each user have a uniqe userid number)
there is no google play cloud save solution right now, so :
now : for saving user data i get user google-play-id then set playid in my database so if player remove the game and reinstall it again when they press load they login and i get that google-play-id then i know wich player is joined and i can return the saved game.
but google play games in new version changed the google-play-id (i dont know why !! its an id : it must dont change !) and cause me problems.
my idea : save userid in googleplay instead of score (i never use leaderboard)
so i can get what is userid and return the player save!
what you think ?
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