Got Sound Working in IE<9 (with FlashCanvas)

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Post » Wed May 30, 2012 3:20 pm

Here's the demo:

The remaining issues I need to solve are:

-stop the flickering at the beginning while the assets are being loaded (the flash canvas shouldn't show until all assets are loaded)

-audio needs to be more responsive

That game has a bunch of game-related bugs. Don't judge the game, just the audio basically. I'll post an updated game with the game related bugs fixed in a day.

IF anyone has any tips, let me know. It was done using audio.js from: and flash canvas from: It also works decently in iOS safari with sound.

Here's the relevant code I made to connect audio.js to Audio object calls made by C2:

And to reference how I originally got flash canvas working, you can view my code supplied in this thread:

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