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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:24 pm

Jase00 wrote:
alan349 wrote:Wow, your project was very good! Why did you gave up with it?
Another reason to make me want to use those sprites is that there's a specific Anime that maplestory made a special event with its characters, and their look (hair,face,clothes, etc) if available for use...
Oh, and one thing that I want to do diferent from your game is the combat "speed", I want it more frenetic :D
And if you ask why, here's a video(from 0:53 to 1:01) of the situation I imagine in my game (obviously in 2D) :D
I would to like to implement 1:05-1:11 too, but I think (I don't know if you know a way of doing it) that wielding a sword and a gun together is impossible :/

I gave up on it because of a few reasons, like, I was tailoring the game to be like MapleStory and spent the most time working on making the clothing system and stuff, so if I somehow eventually got popular and then Nexon finds out I used their content, I'd perhaps get sued or have to remove the game or something, making all my work a waste of time :(

I also wanted to make the combat more speedy, along with speedy platforming and stuff :D I never got round to it because I focused on everything else for some reason, like monsters, skills, stats, map stuff, ect. It's awesome you have the same vision, I really want to see a crazy speedy combat system with MapleStory sprites.

Making the game have dual-wielding weapons is (imo) difficult in terms of how it controls. I don't think I show it in the video, but I made all 1Handed weapons dual-wieldable, and it would appear and position accordingly. Looked pretty cool, but since I didn't work on combat, it didn't change much in terms of gameplay, but it would boost your damage :P

In terms of how you get the 2nd weapon to look nice and appear nice, depends on how you setup your game. If you are using spritesheets, then you may have a bit more work to do because of the way MapleStory works (although I have some ideas that might help that I've thought of whilst typing this). If you are making your own "clothes" system then it would be technically easier to implement, at least it was for me (just took time to align frames lol). I'm not sure how you plan to do things, so I rather not go into each thing and only talk about what you want to know :P

Yeah, that problem (Nexon rights) is really boring... I've already had problems with Rights like this before, but in the end the only thing that the company asked me was to change the game name (since I used a name exactly like the original :? ), because they weren't about to use those sprites anymore :D

And man, I created a "fast version" of the way I plan to do the things I showed with the video, if you want to see, I can PM you with the link, please tell me if you are interrested in seeing it ok?
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Post » Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:16 pm

Sure man, send me the link in PM :D
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Gameplay, the 2 highest traffic Indie Titles, Crawl and Nidhogg have really awful pixel art as a design choice.

I play them non stop, I've always been a gameplay over graphics person, but it's relative.

People bought Final Fantasy XIII so clearly theres a market for beautiful games that play awful.
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