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Post » Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:13 pm

ok I'm going to start a game jam everybody
the first part we build teams
break off into teams
and then make your game
at the end of the time pick the winners the rules are bellow

everybody say what you are designer artist
6.other not listed
*.do say if you have multiple skills

when you say who you are say what type of games you like making or art you like to do show some stuff if you like
I will break down people into teams of two or more
you will have 2 weeks two make a game learning to work together with others then you will post your game and your game will be judged

we will have a winner for the highest rated game and
we will nominate the best

original game
non original game
retro style game
infinity runner

this is a great opportunity to learn to get together and have fun and use this to show how good you are at making games

also I would like two more judges

list yourself by February 1st and i'll put together teams
I will get the teams listed and you will have till February 15th to post it

and may the games be ever in your favorsosensible2014-01-24 14:19:27
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Post » Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:06 am

The idea is not bad, but you should refine your judging criterias.
The way you've put it, it sounds like the only games that will be done will be retro style game or infinite runners.
And soundless moreover.

Try to open up the submissions to several talent for the people (graphics, program, music/sound, writing, etc...).

For the judging criterias either "copy" on the ludum dare to note "Coolness", "Graphics", "Fun", "Humor, etc... or come up with your own list that suits game design.

Refine a bit your rules, but otherwise it sounds like an interesting idea.Kyatric2014-01-23 00:07:07
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