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Post » Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:47 am

I love working with Construct 2 and am incredibly impressed with what it can do. However, there are something I believe could be very useful.

1. Guidelines
It would be great if I could set out lines on my design screen so that I know what will fit in a 800x600 window and in a 1366x768 windows (for example). Or put down lines so that I can easily line up aspects of my UI.

2. Formatting
I would love to be able to auto centre objects. Just like in photoshop, centre horizontal, vertical, align to the top etc.

3. Fullscreen in Browser options
Crop, scale etc.
I would like to develop for widescreen but when someone has a 4:3 screen the system uses the centre of the screen to determine what is displayed and what is cropped. It would be very useful if it were possible to the hotspot for this action. i.e, I want the lowerleft to be minimally displayed.
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