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Post » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:39 pm

I just started using Construct 2 and its great. I have been working on a project which I have a confusing part to determine. I have 3 layers in game logo, Game start and game. I want to set my logo layer to just appear and disappear without any user interaction. But my logo layer is keeping still until i give a command by keyboard or mouse.

Thanks in advance
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Post » Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:14 pm

Hi, welcome to the community. If you use an instance boolean and the lerp expression you can move the logo in and out smoothly like this:

LogoLerp.capx (r123.2)

If you want to learn more about how lerp works (linear interpolation), have a look at the FAQ thread in this sub-forum. Also, instance variables are covered in the manual.
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