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I'm having a hard time calculating the actual algorith for the jump here.

so far i've be using the usual: reducing the max vertical velocity by a stable amount.

basically what i want to do is is have a jump with 128px height, which takes 64 frames to go from base to top to base again. i've got a frame rates of 30fps

horizontally, when moving at top speed it goes at 4px per frame, that 120px a second.

i want so that if going right at max speed, and the full jump height is realized (holding down the jump button), the trajectory should be an arc, or the top half of a circle.

can anyone help me determine what starting and final acceleration/velocity i should have? and at which intervals i should decrease it?

btw, the way i'm working it having Gravity be a constant, ALWAYS,
and vertical acceleration always present, *when at ground it is the same as the gravity. * when falling it is 0, *and when jumping it is which ever amount we will determine, reduced at space intervals.

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