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I have made a game thats 95% complete but there just a few bugs and issues I'm still trying progress with. I have published to Windows Desktop, Andriod and Chrome but the several times I have published to apple i get the same fail due to IAP over wireless on iPad which i contacted Ludei/cocoonJS about.

Since april I started a full time job which has taken <b>ALL</b> my time and my plan was to finish this during weekends but that has never happen. SO... I am now reaching out here to see if anyone would like to help me with a split of the revenue, i have no exact details as i am just testing the water. A rough idea though will be something like 20% of the revenue for ongoing support for the game (bug fixes and platforms like making it would for windows phone).

Anyways if your interested please contact me on [email protected] or PM me.

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