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Hello everyone! first of all I'm glad to have started using this software and becoming part of this community.

Okay so, I'm studying a video game design career, and I'm having some trouble putting in Construct2 what I have in my mind. Personally I'm better at drawing and making concept art than programming, so if someone can guide me step by step on this that would be wonderful.

The thing is; I got assigned to make a Retro-snake remake VG, and I decided to make it a little more entertaining, I wanted to make the character a cat, and eat small fishes to grow with time...

I made a small explaining of what I had in my mind in this drawing:

(In case the image is not in full res: )

In the drawing I tried to explain the two ideas I had in my mind, how can I program something like this on Construct2?

I put the file of my project also on a .rar online in case someone wants to check it!IRV2WB7B!oSAWoV85Pe4k ... FTVVbhwSUE
More like a bad try of a videogame lol...

I appreciate any kind of help!
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