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Post » Mon May 13, 2013 12:19 pm

Im asking for just schema in this post, not complex techniques or like that(if you want, please post it!). So Id so appreciate if you read this. This may help other hobbyists like me so much.
After practicing tutorials and making some small games, I'm trying to make my first project(Luftrauser-stlye shooting game). I'm kind of newbie and not good at English so this would be kind of hard thing. But in this project, I want to try every features that many games have.
My friends and I want to make native mobile game application. I know Construct 2 is basically HTML5 game tool, but event system is familiar to me than coding(it's like Starcraft Editor ) and it can export native app through CocoonJS so I bought it. In my sketch, I need these things.

1. Realistic physics engine
2. Leaderboard
3. Multi-touch
4. Play in multiple screen size(diverse devices - especially Android)
5. IAP
6. Achievement
7. Save & Load
8. Localization
9. Advertisement

I think I can manage to make other features, but these 9 is hard to me.

1 needs to make fancy moving and easy control. I tested physics and bullet behavior and many other events, but those still couldnt get adorable controls. Its my job to research.

Clay plugin may help 2,5,6. Ok, but I dont know whether Clay works well after exporting through CocoonJS. If it does, nothing to be worried.

I heard multi-touch doesnt work in native app. Is it true? I hope its not...

Exporting with CocoonJS gives no display option letterbox scale. When I choose crop or scale, both makes black blank at right or bottom side of screen. Many posts are talking about this, but I couldnt find understandable answers. There should be no black lines, or black lines of same size at both sides. Have you ever went through this?

Game will save things like level, items, exp, score, etc. Is webstorage enough? or should I use another?

Im living in South Korea. I made two apks of my previous game, English and Korean version , but Google Play accepts only one apk(so I failed haha). Maybe I have to edit source through Eclipse or something, but I dont know anything of it. I guess its process like decompile?edit in Eclipse?recompile?export as apk... am I right?

Im using Adsense for my blog, but its for websites, right? Then I have to use Admob or service of other ad company. Clay plugin also gives advertisement options, but I dont think its ad is suitable in my country. I guess this also needs edit through Eclipse which I dont know how.

# One more thing
I think CocoonJS shows awesome framerate and its the best method to make native game app with C2, but also I think its a little bit buggy. I saw Ashley saying ask to Ludei so many times in forum. In my previous game test, some features that worked in browsers didnt worked in native app(It was absolutely simple events, picking some blocks and destroying). How about your project?
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Post » Mon May 13, 2013 12:53 pm

#1 Be careful when using Physics on mobile devices. Physics can quickly make the game work slow on mobile. Try to not use physics on too many objects for example.
Why no control solution suited to you?

#9 I read several times that Google are not allowing Adsense for html5 games, and your account can be suspended for that, so using another service could be a good idea.

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Cause I dont have really time just ones:

[URL=]Multitouch plugin [use on own risk, dont tried it yet][/URL]

While exporting you can choose the template style(since the new beta release), choose advert bar style. In the exported file you can now easily insert your Adsense code(Yes Adsense also works on mobile devices). We use adsense and some more since many months without any problem.

Try it, if it not works we can help you with different solutions

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