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Post » Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:25 pm

Ive been lately brainstorming about making some very simple dungeon crawler. Ive been quite inspired by Desktop Dungeon. Especialy its beta version graphics. like this:

So after some googling which havent came up with any descent tutorial i am here.
Ive been trying to replicate the tileset style of DD game but i think i am doing something wrong. my first though was to just make myself a seamless texture, one for "walls/borders" of the tile and the 2nd for the "top/middle". So i used the top texture and then scaled and disorted the border one so if combined with the top it would look like a chocolate bar, if you know what i mean.
but something is wrong. I dont know if its the perspective or what.
I imagine i could go lazy and just use one texture and then just make the border a bit darker + bevel but this looks so... amature. (like i am a pro myself lol!)
Any advices on that? maybe you know a good tutorial yourself? but just please - dont link me to some kind of tutorials database.
I am using PhotoShop5.

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Post » Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:10 pm

You might try a larger amount of tiles on top of a background.

If you look at that image you'll notice you can split it up into a lot of tiles, and each of those tiles has a border that you can think of as your wall.

Also take a look here:

It shows a really nice method for auto-sorting your tiles.
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