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Post » Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:30 am

I have been struggling with a pathfinding issue for days now. If you have played fieldrunners 2 or are familiar with tower defense games, I am trying to implement a feature which allows the player to place walls (named dogwall in game) to manipulate the enemies path. However, placement of the wall in the path sometimes prevents any enemies from moving at all or sometimes destroys all walls. Most of the dogwall functioning code is in event sheet "L1-1". The placement and HUD elements are in the event sheet "turrets". I have looked all through the faq and tried numerous attempts to get the code right. I did not leave all the attempts as the event sheet was getting very disorganized. As I am still learning, I am becoming frustrated. Any help or insight into the issue would be appreciated. The capx link is below. Thanks in advance.
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