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Post » Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:59 am

Hi. I'm pretty much a n00b at this stuff, but I do want to create fun games for people to enjoy. Most of the things I've learned to do, I found out how mostly just by messing around with the program. Anyways, I'm stumped on 1 thing. I would like to know how to gradually increase and decrease the speed of animations and audio. Particularly, both the audio and the animation while they're in sync with each other. Like starting from a 0.5 timescale gradually increasing the whole way up to maybe a 10.0 timescale. I've tried using the "Every X Seconds" function and the "Wait" function, then adding action: "Set Time Scale" or "Set Object Time Scale" increasing the numbers as I kep adding the actions but to no avail. I have the free version of the program, so I don't know whether or not if I would need the Personal License version in order to gradually increase/decrease the speed. Thanks in advance.
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