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Post » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:41 pm

@tomhaiger You don't haven to tick Google Play services in the plugins section of IntelXDK. This is the common plugin if you code everything by yourself. The code you add is the same like ticking a bock but Intel doesn't list the cranberry plugin and we need the modification of the ID. That is why it is a bit more complicated.

Please prepare better screenshot if you have questions about this. I think here it is the wrong/missing input what you replaced with your ID.

This is what I add to it and it works with more than 10 apps. I keep numbers (5s) in there to show how it has to look like. Please compare exact versions and lines of this. There are several versions of this snippet. For me only this one works:

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<intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="" intelxdk:value="" >
   <intelxdk:param intelxdk:name='APP_ID' intelxdk:value='555555555555' />

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Post » Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:43 pm

@MACPK Thanks for the reply, that code is different to the one i'm using so i'll try that one.

Is the event order in the screenshot OK? And everything else i mentioned with Google Play Services in the developer console?

Edit: I've used the code but it's still not working for me, when I press my leaderboard button, nothing happens.
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