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Post » Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:46 pm

Hello community.

I'm creating an Isometric RPG game for PC (preferably for Steam). It's my first big project and I'm trying out building the basics.
I have a small problem: I don't know what sprite sizes to use.

At the moment i exported ~700x700 pixel sized elements (Walls) as PNG and placed them in my layout. Firstly I thought I would resize them to later in construct 2. But is it really the best method? Or would it be better to resize them in other programm like Photoshop and add the real size directly to construct2? I think it could save memory as the object would be less heavy. But I don't want to lose any graphical quality!

Here's an example of my Wall objects:

Also I'd like to know what would be the best resolution/window size for my layouts? At the moment I have everything set on 1200x800. I would like my game to support multiple screen resolutions.

I'd be thankful for any kind of help.
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Post » Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:03 pm

Here are some resources for you - ... reen-sizes ... our-memory

This isn't a simple answer about what is best - you really have to work in your design limitations and goals.

700x700 will take up that much image memory regardless of resizing. Maybe you don't have that many walls and memory is not an issue for you. Are you downsizing all your walls in the game anyway? If so then the extra resolution is wasted (Might even look worse!).

One suggestion that almost always helps is to keep the size your images in power of 2s.

Generally speaking, use smaller images and upsize in the engine, but there is a quality tradeoff to consider.

Otherwise, it would be ideal to have the image size exactly the size you need to display based on the resolution you are designing for.
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