Hi, this is my first TRY of GAME :D (first Demo Playable)

Show us your works in progress and request feedback

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(links to gamejolt splitted cause im newbie ......)


i uploaded it to game Jolt as a quick Test, and it worked

i used the basics optios of Construct, and it not have nothing special like 3D views, or special effects, but too many

particles are ready to jump when you hit in the right moment


a game inspired in Monstar Fishing and like a real fan of fishing + arcade + too animation i proceed to do this

i hope your sincerily comments, tips, and any else that occurs in yours mind while try it :D

i made it in 3 days after know about Scirra... then i feel like a boss in my own world xD

thank for read and for play :-* kisses, huges and more xD kisses

description of gameplay:

Main Menu: 3 colours bars veritcally are for choose a dificult,

the big square is for set your base damage.

the red arrow i for return to the main menu

when u tap a difficult you will start to play instantlly, tap the screen where u want (in game box)
to make "atack's" if the fish (monstar /renacuajo / aborjo de godzilla) is inside of dark blue spot
this will make DAMAGE to the bar life of fish, else you will receive the damage instead it...

red Bar: Life of Fish
Green Bar: your Life

sorry about the uggly lifeBar xD

Enjoy :D

(links to gamejolt in the txt file)

some previews



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