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Post » Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:20 pm

Just set yourself some goals and keep working towards them
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Post » Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:53 pm

For my first released game, Space Bunny Zita, I got inspiration from the game Round 42. I loved the use of a modified CGA text mode, so I based my aesthetic on that. The HUD and Game Over screen pretty much are lifted from Round 42.

To be honest, the way I went about developing my game from there was probably one of the worst ways of going about it. I made mockups of what I planned for the key elements of the game. Initially I had three portions planned, hence why the folder I kept assets in is called TT, for "Triple Threat". The three parts were to be a top-down shooter like Robotron, a driving segment like the 8-bit Ghostbusters game, and an artillery game like Paratrooper on DOS or Airborne! on Mac. The idea was that you had to drive around to random parts of a city under invasion and either destroy enemy strongholds or defend the skies. The player would be on a Crazy Taxi-esque timer and completing tasks would reward you with more time and score.

I got as far making the shooter and driving segments, with the Paratrooper clone never making it that far. As I was testing to see if things worked, the driving segments felt painfully boring compared to the rapid pace of the shooting. It didn't help that the shooting segment was taking up far more of the C2 free 100 events than I was expecting. So I decided to axe the driving and focus solely on the shooting. I think like half of the prototypes I sent to my friend still have remains of that portion before I got around to removing it entirely. I fumbled with concepts and the controls as I basically taught myself how to use C2. I didn't plan on having music, opting for an ambiance to give that feeling of playing on an old IBM PC. One of my friends who wrote music asked me what I planned for music, and when I described what I would use he came to me a day or two later with a WIP track, the one that would be played in-game. Even near the end of development I was making pretty big changes. Eventually I put the game out there and from there I've been tweaking it to refine it some more as I learn more about C2.

TL;DR - I basically just fumbled around until I had something solid.

For my next project I've put a lot more thought into it and not just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. I do plan on going back to Zita when I get C2 Personal and truly "complete" it, adding just the little things that I couldn't do with C2 Free.
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Post » Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:37 pm

I knew i wanted to create my own IP.
But i've also had no freaking idea what.

My first thoughts where:
- Which type of game would i love to play myself?
- Single Player, Co-Op, Online Multiplayer...

- Is there any game i liked but i would have made it entirely different?

And so on...

I discussed it with my friends, asked them the same questions, and started to find my way to a game i would love to play, and doesn't really exist yet.

Ones i've had the BOLD idea of how it could be... i started to imagine fun ideas and started randomly sketching.

Just start sketching your ideas down, and don't stop until you think...
Yea... that's it.

And at this point, you may still have no idea of what exactly it would become.
But as long as the core is set (Side-Scroller, Jump&Run, Isometric Action)
You can start creating it.

During development, you will always have new ideas.
So write them down, sketch it, whatever you prefer.

I'm still working on the actual "engine" and puzzle it together.
Till now i still don't have any idea of how the visuals will be.
But as long as you've set the base for it, you can still extend your idea further.

If you are a genious, you could also create the entire idea in details before even starting.
But i think most people develope it further during development itself.
At least for indies.
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Post » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:06 am

When it comes to how I make my games happen, it's usually a matter of "how much juice do I have running today?". Certain parts can be done easily and other parts may drag for weeks. Usually my kick is being eager to finish it and share my game with others.
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Post » Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:40 am

Set a deadline - the game is either complete by then or left an unfinished hulk.

You will start to feel you need to compromise to beat the deadline. This is a good feeling, go with it.
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