Horizontal Shoot'em up GamePack (Graphics)

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Post » Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:33 am

Horizontal Shoot'em up GamePack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

This gamepack Provides you all items needed to make a Horizontal shooting game, from the main ship to foes, including a unique environement tileset with two tilabale backgrounds to make a parallax fx, Created to help gamedevs to skin their horizontal shoot them up ,hope you will like it :)

The zip includes:

  • A 3232 animated spritesheet of the main ship - A 3232 animated spritesheet of 6 foes (one animation each) - A 3232 tileset with 32 tiles - A single static background - A 3232 GUI & powerups Spritesheet

You can check my other Gamekits on my portfolio page:

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