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Horror Game Music Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Horror Game Music Pack

Do you want your video game to contain tense , adrenaline pumping , heart pounding excitement ?

Do you want to convey an unnerving and disturbing sense of atmosphere ?

Perhaps you want tension building interludes that resolve into melodic and immersive aural backdrops to your game or project ?

This could be the very musical asset pack your project needs to give it that fresh edgy and unique touch.

The pack contains 53 minutes 32 seconds of music ranging from 7 minute epics to 30 second interludes , all professionally mastered for maximum quality and presented in .wav format.

The various tracks are cohesive enough to be used in the same project or reused in a number of different projects and all the tracks can be previewed for free at my website .

At 26 tracks and just under an hour of high quality music , this asset pack is great value and can give your project that edge to stand out in the crowd .

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