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Post » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:57 am

hey guys, i started this new project is a arcade website im using a custom plugin, yada yada yada... short term, is that im looking for people that have html5 games published or ready to be published and want to spread their visitors or place their games on some new website!

all html5 games are welcomed as long as they are safe for work/kids/ and no nudity in them!

for more informations use the contact form on the website or pm me here...

website is ranking pretty fast on alexa doing just shy under 500k world wide expected to grow under 50k in the next few months. and retaining visitor rate is pretty high, thats why i think is a good opportunity for those who want more exposure!

ingame ads are accepted as well.

make sure you use the contact form the submit game area only allows flash games at the moment! and since my database is around 10k games chances are that your game is already there if its old.

hope to hear from as many as possible! :) cheers.
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