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Post » Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:07 pm

If you are using global variables you can access them later at any time, including in game AND they will save if you ever use the built in Save function (System>Save). If you create a button (possibly "Start Game") and set an event on click to "go to layout" and choose your main game layout, your global variables carry over.
I've only been using Construct for the past 3 a more experienced designer may have better information. LOL

You could also potentially use WebStorage for this, pretty much storing the data in the users browser cache, I would share the link for the documentation for it but Apparently I can't share a link to Scirra's own documentation yet.

With mine, I'm trying to save this sort of information online via a plugin for (Still trying to figure it out.)
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Post » Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:48 pm

Ok let's go :

First Time : The Layout

- As you say i create a New Layout ho start the first, called Char_Gen
- In this layout i add 2 sprites, First : My Character Base, Second : The Hair
- In Selection Screen of the Sprite, i import 3 Frame ( Here i can add as many as i need ) First : Haire Style 1, Second : Hair Style 2, etc...
( For this part i need to modify the picture in an other program, for have the right place to him before import him )
- I add 4 button on the same layout, First : Hair Style 1, etc ..., Fourth : Start Game.

Second Time : The Event Sheet

- System --> On start layout = Set animation speed to 0 ( I have done with The Hair Sprite )
- Button 1 --> On Cliked = Set Animation Frame to 0 ( Selection The Hair Sprite )
- Button 2 --> On Cliked = Set Animation Frame to 1 ( Selection The Hair Sprite )
- Button 3 --> On Cliked = Set Animation Frame to 2 ( Selection The Hair Sprite )

I need help for this one

- Button 4 --> On Clicked = Go Layout 1 ( The name of the scene )

That's my way with your help Raster =D,
Now only need to know how to save the selection and keep it all the time we play, or change when we equip an other items =)

Thank you =)

( PS : How to add Reputation for an user please the post of Raster help me and i want to give him reputation thank you =) )
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Post » Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:04 pm

Ok, so I've got that design thing sorted out but how do I get the design to stay assigned to a certain player. I want a multiplayer world with people with different characters but don't know how to get a database to do so. I have no clue if my question makes sense but hopefully. Any suggestions?
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