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Post » Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:36 pm

I created a game that is a naval game. It has alot done to it. For the last part of the game there is a treasure that needs to spawn when the manowar ship is destroyed. Can anyone help me do this as well as add a start screen and an end screen when you collect the treasure The treasure image is already in the game as an object.

https:// www. dropbox .com /s/kathqdvk9fxcxpz/Naval%20Warfare.capx?dl=0
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Post » Thu Jun 04, 2015 2:37 pm

For your start and end screen, add new layouts to your project.
Make sure to organize them in the project bar so that the start screen is the first on top of the list. You can also set it in the project's properties as the "First Layout" of your project.
Related actions are system action "Go to Layout" / "Go to Layout (by name)" to move to those layouts.

I guess to spawn the Treasure, you need to add sub-events to your event 17 in order to check the type of object (since you want a specific "Manowar" ship only to trigger the treasure). When this specific ship is destroyed, then spawn (possibly use the system action "Create object") to place your treasure where you want to spawn it.
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Post » Thu Jun 04, 2015 5:14 pm

That's not what i asked of you...and i already had created treasures and everything else.

Added music from my past project (Composer - Robert Menus, my teammate) and sounds (Free library).
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