How do I Climb like in Donkey Kong Country Returns?

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I'm creating a platformer game and I'm trying to think of the most efficient way of recreating the climbing mechanic from Donkey Kong Country Returns. For an idea of what I mean check out the Mangoruby boss fight -

This is a good example as it has wheels which demonstrate the fluidity of the climbing. Essentially, as long as the player holds the grab button, the player is able to move around a circle so they are not just limited to walls or ceilings, and the player can jump off at an angle.
I'm not worried about replicating the seamless animation transitions, because a simple rotate sprite would suffice but I'm curious on how best to approach this.

It's almost been done before in Construct 2 in the form of Airscape, but without the change in gravity. Creating round platforms seems to be a problem because of collision points so I don't know how it was done in that example but I would like to tackle this with a similar approach. I experimented with physics due to it's circular collision but I couldn't figure it out. And as soon as the player lets go of the grab button I'd like the platform behaviour to return to normal and the player to drop.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated and I implore you to check out the DKCR gameplay footage for a vivid idea of what I'm striving to create. Thanks in advance :D
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