How do I connect to API with AJAX?

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Post » Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:33 am

Hi. Did anyone of you use the API, yet? Its from Blizzard to get game related info for WoW, Diablo or Starcraft.
I tried to get some data via AJAX and I tried Post to URL and Request URL but it always returns an error (with and without JSONP).
But it seems other developers could use AJAX to get data from the api, why does this not work with Construct 2? :(

Here is a topic about it on Developer forums:


PS: I tried another way and it returns data if I use the Browser action to start a download to get a .json/.txt file (will be opened in browser as textfile on my iPhone) but I need to save the file without user interaction to read the data so this does not seem to be a possible solution.
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