How do I continuously generate buildings out of blocks?

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Post » Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:21 pm

Hello, this is my first post so i have several questions regarding Construct that i haven't been able to find an agreeable answer to yet.

I would like to start with outlining the specifics of my question:
- i am making an auto-runner game
- the template just generates random sized blocks that the player jumps on
- since i learned from the forums that big pictures are bad, and its an "infinite" game,
- i decided that it would be logical to chop up my buildings of a suburban level into
- smaller chunks (14x18 [it used to be smaller but i also learned that my pictures {.png} need to be divisible by 2])
- building height would be between 100 -150 px, so its a big chunk, like, a third of the screen
- since the player would be running on top of them or below them, they would need to be generated super fast,
- there would also be parralax behind all that

My question is: How would one generate a number1x number2 grid building out of 5 possible blocks (whose location you would assign by hand [or semi- randomly with windows being a wildcard, but contained to every second row], and therefore have 6-10 premade buildings the game could generate out of the blocks)?

Now that i'm writing this, maybe it would be better to have 10 150*200 px pictures of buildings on which you would paste windows and such. But again, yea, no. I don't know. This all needs to be super fast, so i don't really know how to do this. All tutorials i see just use the canvas for their level and thats it. I guess it would be stupid to draw a 9999999999999999999x500 level and set all my traps and stuff by hand. I guess you can program the space between platforms and the powerups. I just want a semi- random game where the background is logically repeating itself, but can have mixed chunks. The platforms could only be attached to the buildings though, thats another thing .

And tell me, please, Is it better to have 1 picture made out of a million pixels, or 1 pixel picture drawn in the game a million times?

Thank you :)
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Post » Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:37 pm

Since buildings repeat their features, if you draw one segment of a building (a row of windows including the sides), and use tiledbackground, you can make the buildings as big as you like. All you'd have to do is add a roof segment seperately.

Well 1 picture made of a million pixels would be better since drawing 1 million sprites would bottleneck the gpu.
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