How do I create a multi-users Notepad ?

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Post » Wed May 11, 2016 7:35 am

Hello :)

I would like to create a multi-users multiple notepad for paper RPG players and GameMaster in html5.
I'm searching for a good tutorial about multiplayers games or tools.

This is what i would like exactly to program :
1) The possibility for each GameMaster to create something like a room for his players.
2) When it is done, the html5 page give him the room number and a generated password.
3) Each player enter a name, the password given by the GameMaster, and the room number to share the game.
4) Each player access one text area, and the GameMaster access all the text areas of the player. He also have a text area for him, hidden.
5) If a player loose his connexion, he can rejoin the Notepad again.
6) If the GameMaster loose his connexion, can i make the room stay existing around 10 minutes ?
7) The GameMaster can save all the notepads in multiples txt files, and the players just their own. Is is possible ?

Thanks for your help.
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