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How do I create a random sprite and save your value?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:14 am
by crynof
I want to create a game like geometry dash but with mathematics operations. The idea is that the player touch a object with the box (this object should be a random number), can to save a value and then resolve to decide if win or lose.

This is the idea.

The player made to jump the box avoid obstacles. In the game appears other objects thats contains a random number that the player should be colision to save this value, after should appears other object with random or specific operator ( + - * / ) and save the value, then other object with second number, Finally should to appears 2 possible number (one correct and other wrong). If the player colision the correct number can be continue, but if crash with the wrong number, the player object has be destroy and lose.

Then my queston is: How can i to create a objects or random sprite and save your value to operate?

Thanks you!