How do I create multiple and closable"pop ups"

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Post » Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:32 pm

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Hello everyone, i'm trying to create multiple pop-ups that can be closed when clicked on a specific part of it [ like the "X" button on Windows]

So i have two objects :

- The Pop Up Itself
- A yellow trigger that i will call the "X" button that, when clicked, will destroy itself and the pop up object.

So i called a condition that will create both of the objects in an specific X and Y position. Every time i click on something, a new pop up [ and the X button ] appears. And i want to able the user to close each one independently.

Here is the screenshot of the creation of the popup and X button.

. The problem is i'm having a hard time using the "pick nearest to" condition.

I've set it up to get the nearest instance of both of the objects [pop up message and the "X" button] to Touch.X and Touch.Y and, if a click on the "X" button, the result will destroy both of them.

Here is a screenshot.

Can someone tell me what's i'm missing? If needed i can post the .capx
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Post » Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:50 pm

understand that popups are layers. on event layer visible or not. if it must show on screen at all times parallax 0,0 if not paralax 100,100 so it only shows when in active area of the game.
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