How do I design a mega man stage select screen ?

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Post » Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:42 pm

let me know if this is a good idea and please suggest any tips that would make this easier.

i want to do an exercise that will familiarize me with arrays , so i've decided that a megaman stage select screen might be a good choice.

my plan:

start out with a 3x3 array assigning the boss's names to their respective index in the 3x3
something like this

sparkman 0,0, snakeman 0,1, needleman 0,2
hardman0,1, megaman 1,1, topman 2,1,
geminiman 0,2, magnetman 1,2, shadowman 2,2

i could code the arrow keys to cycle through the array , left decreasing the x value right increasing it
and up increasing the y value and down decreasing it.

the layout would be designed with boxes sitting at 3x3. they would all be instances of a box that has a "selected" animation and "deselected" animation.

the code would be just to change the animation state based on the current x,y position inside the array.

if current position of array = 0,0
snakeman boolean: selected = true
set animation and frame etc.

do i have the basic idea right ?
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