How do I detect simultaneous gamepad inputs ?

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Post » Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:28 pm


I'm having a problem. See, I knew keyboards couldn't sometimes detect multiple simultaneous key inputs but I seem to be meeting a similar problem with an Xbox Gamepad as well oO

Here is a very simplified version of the problem I've encountered :

Try inputting two buttons at the same time with a gamepad : you should in theory witness in the debug box "pressed" twice or "--" twice (for released buttons). Except no, oftentimes these words don't come in pairs, meaning one trigger hasn't been detected. Even if I were pressing the two buttons at the exact same frame I don't know why this would happen (and I'd be very surprised if I were able to do this consistently anyway)

Is there a workaround around this ? Is it a software (C2) or hardware (controller) problem ? I'm developping a run n' gun game a la Metal Slug, you NEED to be able to detect several inputs simultaneously or quasi-simultaneously (such as Crouch + Shoot, Jump + Shoot, etc).

Thanks in advance for your help. It is really troubling me :/
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