How do I export to Wii U? Also other export questions.

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Post » Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:04 pm

#1: With free version of Construct 2 what exporting, others are impossible to do unlike full bought version of Construct 2?

#2: Will my sound files have to be in a different format (example .wav instead of .mid) when exporting a game to something (example Wii U)?

#3: Do I need a license to export my game with only non pirated stuff of any format of game (example Wii U format)?

#4: /\ If Yes how do I get such licenses please?

#5: Do all exported game files come with the ability to load external resources (example link to sound on a website to play it, mention background image file name destination amd file name and load the background etc.)?

#6: /\ If only some exported formats of game come with the ability to have external resources loaded then what exported game formats come with the ability to load external resources?

#7: For each exporting game (Wii U, HTML 5, Windows 10 etc.) what kind of sound files are able to work properly?

#8: For each exporting game (Wii U, HTML 5, Windows 10 etc.) what music file types will work properly?

#9: How for each exported game (Wii U, HTML 5 etc.) do I properly put it online for download?

#10: How with each exporting possibilities (HTML 5, Wii U etc.) do I export my game properly?

#11: Which exported game files (IPhone, Wii U, HTML 5 etc.) come with the ability to load stuff from a USB flash drive?
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I think the hardest part would be getting the time machine.
I'd be willing to bet that the non disclosure agreement would still cover everything else, even though it's a defunct console.
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Post » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:52 am

Due to an NDA with Scirra, no WIIU discussions can take place on this forum.

Regarding your other questions - from what I can see, every one has been answered many times previously either via the manual or the forum.

Please try to use search before posting.
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