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Post » Tue May 16, 2017 9:28 am

Hello guys!

I have a question about how to access a jQuery function from my webgame. Let me explain:

The game is embedded on a website (onescroller). We have differend sections, like school, events, news etc.

We have a website gui (some buttons in the header) and if youre clicking on them, we fire a jquery function to scroll smoothly down to the coresponding section.

Now i created a menu with construct2 (some fancy buildings for kids) - basically they should call the same function like the website gui buttons, to scroll smoothly to the right section.

Currently iam using the function:

(for events)
This loads the site complete new and moves directly to the event section but without a smooth "anker" scrolling. Our Website expert told me that i have to embed a jquery function ( into my project.

Can someone please tell me how i could reach this goal? Or is this basically possible?

Thank you very much!
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