How do I fix collision and jumping?

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Post » Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:49 am

From a user on GameJolt about Pizza Drone: "fix weird collision and direction-changing bugs. There were times where I tried to quickly change direction, only to have horizontal movement freeze and my drone suddenly accelerate straight into a wall instead of resetting the acceleration."

From another user about Flamescape: "the player's speed increases exponentially if you hold either left or right, which makes it feel unfair."

I've encountered these problems as well, both on GameJolt and when playing the capxs. So my questions are:

1) How do I fix the first problem with the collision and direction changing?
2) How do I get Super Mario Bros. controls perfectly?

Pizaa Drone Capx: ... .capx?dl=0
Flamescape Capx: ... .capx?dl=0
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