How do I fix swap movement in this project?

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Post » Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:46 am

I've been working on this tutorial about a 3 match game. Here is the link if interested:

My problem is that there are a lot of blocks and make the game laggy in mobile phones (collisions are up to 300k and objects count to 120). So I deleted 2 columns of blocks, changing "for X from 0 to 7" to "for X from 0 to 5" and it works fine, but when I changed the size of all the blocks, the game doesn´t work properly and no more blocks are spawned. Also, match detection and swap movements doesn´t work.

In the tutorial, the author said that only changing the size of the blocks and the spawnY/X it would work, but in my case it doesn´t.

I attach the capx. Any idea why the blocks don´t spawn? Thank you!
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