How do I Fix touch analog? - variable issue

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Post » Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:20 pm

I have built an asteroids game, which works on both desktop and touch devices. Desktop version works fine, however I am having a small issue with the mobile version of the game, specifically the touch analog/ joystick.

The issue is that I am only the variable called "cangle" only changes to negative values, rather than both negative and positive. Because of this, I am only able to move the "track_stick" in the top half of the "track_pad", and so once everything is set, would only be able to move the ship in the top half of the screen. What is a possible solution for this?

Capx url: Issue is found in the event sheet called mobile_es, in the group called "touch".

I followed the "sana" part of this tutorial -
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