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Post » Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:34 pm

Hi, thanks in advance for any help.

I'm trying to modify the default facebook plugin to obtain an email. I've never made a plugin before, but I managed to add the Facebook.UserEmail expression which tries to get the "email", but it returns empty. Already tried changing it to "name" to check If my formatting of the expression was wrong, but doing so, correctly returns the FullName of the user.

Is the expression to obtain the mail different? :(

Screenshot of the var declare: ... t.PNG?dl=0

The edited plugin: ... ebook2.rar

I rename the folder to "facebook" and delete the other one. Every other aspect of the plugin works perfectly, so at least I didn't break it.

I hope I was clear enough, thanks again for any answer.
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Post » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:48 pm

Hi @Lolyness

You can do this on mobile using CranberryGames Facebook plugin. The actual plugin is pretty buggy but login will work and the email expression works. To get everything else to work you can follow my tutorials on For getting a users e-mail on a browser you may have to use a JS expression. My tutorial will show you how to initiate a sharing function using JS. I'm also planning on doing another tutorial on how to download a user friend list. You should be able to modify this code to download a users email.

Hope that helps and I'm sorry there's no easier way!
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