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Post » Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:56 am

Hi guys, i saw a tutorial on C2 with Ajax.
So i made a webserver using XAMPP with Php to show me the (server) time.
All right, untill i wanted to show the server in C2.

It kinda works but it didn't show me the time, instead it shows me the php code.
What did i do wrong ?

And another Question, I've hosted using google drive a game, but i would like to host all this (php server with time) on Google Driv, It is possible ?.. becouse I've tried to do this with a .txt file and i couldn't read a word from the textfile (uploaded on Drive)

C2: code

Start of layour -> Request ("LINK") ("tag")
// here is my webserver and i've changed it with a google drive link
// like this ( ... 9PZms/view )
Ajax(On "1" ) Completed -> Set text to Ajax.LastData
Every tick Set text to Ajax.Last Data

Any ideas ?
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