How do I get if possible retrieve scirra scores in game

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Post » Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:59 am

The "Scirra Arcade" plugin allows to upload the Score to a LeaderBoard ID that will show on the game page. OK.

Is there any way to retrieve this scores into the game? Maybe in an iframe window setting the Leaderboard ID to show?

I mean something like this:


The perfect thing will be a score template on a .capx on you can customize the images and font letters and on you only set from what Leaderboard ID from Scirra Arcade you want to retrieve the scores.

So, with an event you upload scores to a LeaderBoard using the Scirra Arcade plugin and with other retrieve all them fiting in the game. All without know/do nothing about PHP, DDBB or whatever in the most easy way possible.
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