How do I get my Solid Collisions to work properly on mobile

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Post » Thu Jan 15, 2015 2:23 pm

Hi I've got my game on android using cocoonJS and no matter what I do my character can get through solids.
What's happening in detail:
When my character uses a dash ability next to a Solid he can go right through it but only on Mobile(Android) on the PC it's fine. The dash ability uses the vector part of the platform behaviour. At first i thought it was a speed issue and slowing my character to 100 speed worked for normal movement nearly all the time but my dash at 500 has problems on Solids most of the time again it all works fine on PC.
What I've tried:
Setting every collision to Disable except the object that test for collisions in my events e.g solids and Character - no change
Having all my solids not touching in the hopes that testing there own collisions was the problem - no change
Having my Solids visible and adding pixels to the Solid sprite ( originally there blank sprites with Solid behaviour) - no change
Trying other exporting options for Android - drastic frame rate drop but no change on Solid issue

Is my problem the android device running to slow on collision checks and thus my character is able to slip right through? Or am i missing something.
If you need my .capx or any more details I'll happily oblige.
But the fact that my game works fine on PC tells me it isn't a problem with the .capx but rather the Andriod side of things.
Thank you in advance
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